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Lemmie and Stacy

Lemme and Stacey are a very active team who started in Spring, 2019. Lemme is a cuddly terrier that brings smiles to people she visits.

Bueller THDX TKE CGC and Dave

Bueller loves to perform tricks! Bueller is a Maltese/Yorkie mix (Morkie) and is wonderful at bringing joy and smiles to people. Bueller is also a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog! Bueller has a Facebook page if you would like to follow him and all his adventures. It is Dave is an instructor with Awesome Dog Academy Dog Trainer | Awesome Dog Academy | Tupelo


Quinn and Chellie

Chellie and Quinn, a Shetland Sheepdog, bring zillions smiles! They do visits in the Starkville area.

Holly and Lisa

Holly is Lisa’s second therapy dog. Lisa is the founder of Comfort Creatures. Holly loves to love on people.

Truman Blue SWN THD TKA CGC FDC and Jane

Truman is Jane’s third therapy dog. He is a rescued Bloodlabpitboxhound (mutt). He is a multipurpose dog and has earned several AKC titles, including Trick Dog Advanced and Scent Work Novice. He is a registered working dog for crises response ( For fun, he earned a National Park Service B.A.R.K Ranger badge, and he performed as “the dog” in the Tupleo Community Theatre production of “Of Mice and Men”. 

Chester and Wini

As a puppy, Chester helped his family cope with the loss of Wini’s husband. He has is own Facebook page that highlights his devotion to his family.

Tip and Jim

Tip is a gentle soul who obviously loves people. He and Jim have been working as a therapy dog since 2018.

Teams on “paws” during pandemic

Biscuit loves children and so does Belinda. Together they are destined to bring comfort to young people. 

Rachel and Deuce, a Springer Spaniel, are starting their therapy dog career together.

Simon and Jessica

Jessica and Simon passed the LOAL Behavioral Evaluation with flying colors. Simon is starting off by acting like a long time therapy dog. He is not flustered by anything or anyone, even though he is sightless.