Active Teams


We are actively seeking new teams! (We do have other teams who are shy about posting their pictures.)

 Truman Blue TKN THDN CGC (Achiever Dog), & Jane

Truman is Jane’s third therapy dog. He is a rescued Bloodlabrapitboxhound (mutt). He has his own webpage Truman Blue. He is a multipurpose dog and has earned several AKC titles.

Trixie & Sheryl

Trixie is Sheryl’s third therapy dog. Trixie is of course a rescue dog, along with the rest of Sheryl’s pack.

Stella, Missy & Lou Ann (not shown)

Stella, a Labradoodle, and Missy, a Chihuahua, visit Sanctuary Hospice House with their team-mom, Lou Ann. 

Leala & Jane (not shown)

Leala is not sure if she wants to be on the Active or Retired page. She was Jane’s first therapy dog, starting in 2009. She likes the quiet atmosphere of nursing homes. Leala was a dumped dog who was terrified of people for the first six months after she was rescued at seven months old by Jane’ son. Then all of a sudden, she decided that people were wonderful. There is a story about her in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering and Giving Back. She also has her own webpage, Leala, Sweetest Dog.

Dazzy & Debbie

Debbie and her mixed Labrador dog have been a therapy team since 2009.

Debbie and Dazzy have been a therapy team since 2009. Dazzy has also worked as a R.E.A.D dog, helping kids boost their reading skills.  


Tip and Jim

Tip is a gentle soul who obviously loves people. He has been working as a therapy dog since 2018.


Teams in Training

Jessica and Simon

Jessica and Simon passed the LOAL Behavioral Evaluation with flying colors. Simon is starting off by acting like a long time therapy dog. He is not flustered by anything or anyone, even though he is sightless. He is one contented fellow.