Training Puppy for Therapy Work

Therapy Dogs cannot get certified/registered until they are one year old. There is a lot to do in that first year of training to prepare a puppy for its work as a therapy dog. It is best to start immediately. Often, an older dog with the correct personality can be trained successfully, but puppies should start training early.

This page set will capture the rearing of a therapy dog from the first day arriving at her new home with Lisa and her family.

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Meet Holly – First Encounters (scroll down)

The First Few Months – Learning the Basics (click)

Growing into Adolescence (click)

Please meet Holly

Holly is an adorable Golden Retriever. You can also visit Holly’s Facebook Page to see more of her growing up. 

Gotcha Day: June 6, 2018

It is important for puppies to be exposed to new experiences early in their lives. At the same time, until they have their vaccinations, they must be protected from illness. Rather than taking a very young puppy out in the world, consider inviting to visit, a few dogs that you know are friendly, are well taken care of, and that have not been exposed to dogs or other animals that have not been vaccinated. 

Of course introducing your puppy to a variety of people, all shapes sizes and experience with dogs is important. If the pup is too young to venture out, then invited friends in! 

Puppies need new adventures that are appropriate for their physical and mental developmental stage. A static environment with no new exploration does not help a puppy learn about changes and gain confidence in new situations. The new adventures should be fun and not scary.